23 March 2007

Way to go Texas!

This may not be the absolute best way to support "life" - but at least they are doing something! Texas is going to be voting on a bill to pay pregnant women $500 to choose adoption over abortion. There's more information in this article. I am too tired to coherently think it through - one thing that does immediately come to mind is that women will initiate unwanted pregnancies just for the money. I have heard of worse absurdities than this!

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  1. On the outside, it does seem like a great idea to encourage women to at least consider adoption. On the other hand, I can see your point about htose hwo would have babies just to get the $500. Worse yet, if those same people are already receiving state health care, we would be footing the bill for that too. Hmmm...I wonder if there is a way to overcome the greediness of the world and make something like this work.


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