30 March 2007

T13 Edition #6 - Thirteen Sounds I Can Hear Right Now

This week I've had a hard time getting my "thirteen" list together. But alas, this evening I was finally inspired.

Thirteen sounds I can hear right now:

1. An irritated barking dog
2. The repetitive rhythm of an unattended Nintendo game cube
3. The whoosh-whoosh –whoosh of the ceiling fan
4. Feet coming up the porch stairs
5. Unhurried cars passing by
6. The screen door creak as it opens
7. Water running
8. Children running outside around the house
9. The zing of a firing BB gun
10. Girl-talk as Kaitlyn and a friend approach
11. The pop of an opening soda can
12. The shuffle of flip flops on the tile floor
13. Laughter

Ah, it’s a Friday night in a small town!

1 comment:

  1. I can hear Hannah talking to a friend. Great idea for Thursday Thirteen. I didn't do one this week.


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