05 March 2007

You Know You're Addicted to Blogging When.....

You wake up in the morning with a streaming thread of ideas of blogging topics. It is so bad at this point, that I have started to keep a notebook in my purse where I jot things down because to me it is the ultimate frustration to lose a thought or idea. However, just jotting down the basics of the idea never guarantees that I can recover the flow of thought I had about a topic initially. Usually not. I have always loved to write - and while possibly some things I blog about seem mundane to others, I am having a blast!
I think another sure sign of being a "blog addict" is hosting and attending a "pretend" party. I don't want to in any way make fun of what we do here in blogland - however, when your blog-life attempts to have a voice in your real-life and you say out loud to other people, "Hey I gotta get home, I'm having a party at my blog." you realize it is a little weird what we do here. Doesn't mean I don't love it - hey, I'm all about weirdness. But it is a bit surreal.
And last but not least, when I started blogging almost two years ago now, I was also really into a game on the computer called Tumblebugs. Although unlike my friends who have been addicted to Spider Solitaire or other computer games, it wasn't ever that big of a deal. However, my children made up a little jig about me, and it went something like this, "Tumblebugs, Tumblebugs, BLOG BLOG, Tumblebugs, Tumblebugs, BLOG BLOG!" When they did the "blog" part, they did it with their hands tucked under their arms like chickens and the "blog" sounded a little like the "bok" sound you make when you are calling someone a chicken. No respect.
So there it is - my little secret is out of the closet (like I have secrets and like I would keep anything in the closet -y'all know I'm way too open for that!) I LOVE blogging. I can think of all sorts of slogans for bloggers, like "Help I'm blogging and I can't get up!" I would wear it on a t-shirt proudly - because I blog and am unashamed.


  1. "Hey I gotta get home, I'm having a party at my blog." LOL!!!!! I am also an addict. What other kind of person would be thinking up a blog entry while loading a container? Come see pictures!

  2. Over on Women at home we sometimes have slumber parties. And people really do look at me strange when i tell them that I am going to stay up ALL night to party with some people on the other side of the world.

  3. I am a blog addict too! I have yet to tell people about my blog party, but my dh ahs laughed when I have referred to him as dh when I'm talking to people IRL. And they look at me like "I have never met this dh fellow and what an odd name." Oops! LOL!
    Anyway, enjoy the party and have a great day! =)


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