05 March 2007

Answer to Party Game #2

The Land of the Green Glass Doors is also known as the "land of doubles". Everything there has double letters.
There are books but no libraries.
There are buggies but no horses.
There are woods and trees and grass but no flowers.

I wish more of you had played it. It is one of my most favorite games. I learned it one year at camp from my pastor, Porky. It's gotta be fun when you're playing with a guy with a name like that! After he taught it to us, the women in our lodge stayed up late at night playing the game - and got up the next morning and had more examples!


  1. I remember that! That was a fun evening. I miss you Julie!!!

  2. Sorry that I didn't play. I did read it but it was too complicated for my over stressed brain to figure out. That's a good one, I like it!


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