28 March 2007

No. Huh uh. I Don't Think So.

The above is pretty much what my day looked like yesterday in a picture. Kullen and I sat outside of dressing rooms looking at two sets of feet and any various color and texture and much fluff over and under the dressing room stalls. Whew! Wore me out. There was the good. the bad. and the ugly. Most of what they have out there for teenage girls to consider wearing to these formal events is not fit to wear out in public. Thankfully they each found a very tastefully beautiful dress that they were in love with. Here are some other random photos of the day, none of which include THE dresses. Those will be unveiled at the formal on May 4th. They are gorgeous - Kaitlyn's has a Cinderella flair to it - and Kendra chose a vintage look. I will post more pictures here when I am allowed! I can't wait to see them all gussied up!

I was thinking how interesting it would be to see their mom's old "prom" picture. I don't know if y'all could handle the 80s hair - but hey it might be good for a laugh. This is a picture of me with my high school boyfriend, Bret taken at our Jr. Prom in 1987. My mom procrastinated in taking me shopping and since I wore a size 11 (boy wouldn't I LOVE to see that now!) - there weren't many dresses available. The yellow went very nicely with the gray tux. It was a fun night. Hope you enjoy the laugh - hey I am only thinking of you my audience in much need of entertainment.
PS - The guy I married is much cuter!


  1. OK, I think this is a good pic. I like the dress. A cross b etween Cinderella and Belle. And you are as cute as you can be. I agree, Trav is WAYYYY better!

  2. i feel your mall shopping pain sista!
    but look at how cute you are! and a braver woman than i, i have burned all evidence of my feathered 80's. :o)

  3. Ugh, I'm dreading that kind of shopping! I have a few years yet though.

    Hey, I love the picture of you! I was married at that time, at the ripe old age of 22. LOL! Love the hair and the dress. It sure brough back memories!

    Kathy from HSB

  4. One, I am not liking that dress in my picture, two, the one I have is way better, and three, Bret was pretty cute, although I wouldn't exist if you had married him, so...


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