06 March 2007

Ice Cream for Breakfast

This weekend we hosted part of a Mexican themed "progressive dinner" that was hosted for the youth group at our new church. We were the first stop, and from here I was one of the drivers to the rest of the stops. Here is what was on the menu:

Appetizers: stuffed jalapenos, chicken taquitos, taco dip, homemade tortilla chips, salsa, and salsa with sour cream

Salad: taco salad

Main course: Fajitas (chicken, steak or beef) with all the fixins, refried beans, and Spanish rice

Dessert: Fried ice cream

After the whole day of eating, we went to an older lady’s house for a bonfire and hot dogs with marshmallows. WAAAYYYY too much food. My kids and I had never had the fried ice cream the way they made it though, and we all loved it. It was easy to make too so I thought during the Ultimate Blog Party I would share the recipe – which is so simple it’s not really even a recipe – with you so you could enjoy it too.

Simple Fried Ice Cream

Small tortillas
Cinnamon & Sugar
Vanilla Ice Cream

Melt butter and fry one side of tortilla lightly. Flip tortilla and add a generous amount of cinnamon & sugar. Cook lightly – you want the tortilla to be soft. In warm tortilla add one scoop of ice cream to cinnamon & sugar side – and wrap. Eat up!

It works best if the ice cream is as hard as possible – that way it is less messy. Regardless – it is messy but it is worth it.

I made these for my kids for breakfast this morning! What a fun treat! It can't have any more sugar than cereal or a pop tart which is what 90% of American children ate this morning!


  1. You are making me drool! I cannot wait to get some good Mexican food!

  2. Oh how I miss Mexican food (hard to find the real thing in the UK). Thanks for the recipe. Have a blessed day.

  3. oh - I am soooo copying that out for my son. He would DIE for it! :) I have never eaten anything like it!

    THANKS so much for partying with us!

  4. now I'm SO hungry...gotta go and get some lunch...


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