02 January 2014

Let it Scare You Just a Little Bit

I was a prolific blogger.  Past life. A life that doesn't exist anymore. I wrote heart and soul to fill pages and pages of blankness with my thoughts, my feelings, myself. I made friends. Followed other blogs. Shared comments generously. I was one of them.  My blogs were personal. My heart a window thrown open to the world offering a peek deeply into my life, my soul.  I shared it all, bared my soul with those of you who would consider it a gift to be invited in. 

The truth, I always held back.  It may not have seemed that way to a reeling audience watching as my mind and my first marriage unraveled. I did it publicly and then it died, my blog, not me. I thrived. The safety of pulling my life back into a semblance of privacy was like pulling weeds away from a garden plant. I got sun and water and air and in that space and nourishment I could grow into a better person, a person healed. 

Now the writing, it calls me to risk again.  Peeling back the layers of myself for public consumption is aversion therapy for the people-pleaser that resides within.  My one goal, to be courageous and try to write in a way that scares me a little.


  1. You are such a fantastic writer, Julie. :) And I totally hear you--it is hard to write bravely. So hard. So thanks for taking that risk and sharing your heart with us!

  2. It is so hard to write bravely. Thank you for doing so! :) You're an excellent writer and shouldn't hide it!

  3. Where'd you go, Juls? I hope all is well with you and your family..

  4. Kathy - I'm not blogging here anymore. You can find me on Facebook - Julie Main Schnatterly. Are you on Facebook?


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