26 April 2008

Bubbleology - A Science Project

Kullen's science class has science projects due this week at co-op, and we have procrastinated working on his. They have to have it with a bent towards chemistry since that is the science focus for his age group this year. I will admit that science is my least favorite subjects, and chemistry is probably the least among the sciences. We looked together on Science Buddies and found something really fun to experiment with, BUBBLES!
We made three different types of bubble solutions - one using just detergent, the second one using detergent and gylcerine, and the third using detergent and corn syrup. The second step was to blow bubbles and see which ones were stronger by seeing how long they lasted. We did have to fight a bit of a breeze outside, but it seemed that the results were fairly consistent.
Now all he has to do is make a project board which his artsy-fartsy sister said she would help him with tomorrow.
In the fall the kids all had to do a history project. If you've been hanging out here at my blog for a while you might remember - he made a Salem Witch Trial cloth witch hanging from the gallows. We did not make a project board - in my opinion it was not necessary. When he was asked to present it to the class, he said, 'no thanks'. I don't know what his teacher thought of it, but I don't force my kids to do things like that. He did say however that he will present this one in front of his class. Maybe he thinks it is cool. Maybe it is just because he knows some of the kids better. I'll let you know how that goes.
Now he started to clean his hands off with the hose and this is where that headed - man I love that boy! Crazy thing. Three guesses as to what he is pretending that hose is???


  1. LOL! He looks like a boy to me :)

    Science, history, chemistry, subjects,teachers, classes, what are you talking about?

    Ouch that hurts!

  2. Seems to me he got very wet at my science class he attended too!

  3. Jewls, my kids would hop over any day to join in the fun! It's right up their alleys.

    By the way, it's so COOL for you to stand up for your boy at the store. I have done it many times, sadly, and people at the stores just don't get it. In their minds, I am just a looney mom, all blend out of shape! People just don't respect children as a being...all we can do is to show ours it ain't so. You can't change others who don't want to be changed or even see it's wrong.

  4. My kids would run far far far away at the idea of "projects" and such stuff. They would gladly play around though with the experimental part. In a pure unschooling way.


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