08 April 2008

Unexpected Twists and Turns

Okay - so the first week of Script Frenzy is over - and week two has begun. I have written a total of 8 pages. (I know - hold the applause!) The first week of any month is the most hectic at work, and life itself seems busy. One of the hardest things about writing is finding the time. Seriously. I've got tons of material. I always have something on my mind. But, life seems to spin out of control, and before I know it - another day has gone with no writing.
The best advice was truly using the "butt in the chair" method. I'm trying.
But, here's the deal. I was writing my story and it took an ugly and unexpected turn. There is a car accident. I had one fairly minor, although terrifying car accident years ago. Nobody went to the hospital - but my car was totaled. I am going to have to do some research - but am afraid of answers, or to dig into the subject thinking I may never get in a car again. This really isn't an option. So I'm throwing this out there - does anybody have any ideas of how I research what happens at an accident scene, how police contact a family member. I want to know how my main character who is pretty torn up in the accident gets her purse and cell phone back. I have no idea how that would play out. Any ideas? I do have a neighbor who was a DPS officer who told me once that the worst part of his job was to go to the door of someone's house and tell the parents that their child wasn't coming home and I can't even imagine. I think I could ask him - but I am not sure I want to entertain those thoughts or feel those feelings. I am not sure this will stay in my story - but it is where I am right now.
Just thought you would like an update.
And for all of you who promised chocolate - I am still waiting.


  1. Does it have to be returned by a police officer? The purse with the cell phone in it could have been thrown from the car and landed unseen under a bush. A dog being walked by its owner could sniff it out and the owner could return it. Hope this helps to at least give you a spark of an idea.


  2. hmmmm... when I was in my accident someone called Tav (I think I did but I don't remember!) who ended up coming to the accident scene and talking to the police and grabbing my purse and whatever else he deemed important out of the car. We then went later to the wrecker and cleaned out the car.

    As for the chocolate...it was WONDERFUL! I now have some extra padding on my thighs...

  3. On my way to work one morning I recognized a truck flipped over and crunched. It was my neighbor and co-worker, so I immediately pulled over to help. He was okay and standing when I got their, but had he not been conscience, I would have gladly gathered his belongings and taken them to his wife.

  4. My husband was in a terrible accident a year and half ago,where there were fatalities. My thoughts on how loved ones are notified are this: it may depend on your setting. We live in a small town- I was at Vacation Bible School at my church that day and had friends phoning the news about the accident into me through their spouses, etc, who they knew were working there with me. I already knew about it as my hubby called me from his cell. I did not realize how bad it was but was just waiting for the road to open so I could get to him. We have one road all the way up the Coast and it was shut down for hours, so EVERYONE knew something horrible had happened and rumours were flying- it was even being discussed in chat rooms before people knew all the details. People around here recognize each other's vehicles, so chances are if your setting is a small town, someone might beat the police to the families of those involved. They might be trying to phone others to get more info or waiting at the emergency room for their loved ones. There's my two bits.


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