04 April 2008


Here is a little picture of our weather today. Not pretty. I know when I wake up and the house is still dark that either I should roll over and go back to sleep - OR perhaps I live in Texas. It hasn't been too bad this spring - but last year from September until February - it at least felt like it was rainy every day. Today's forecast is for thunderstorms.
It feels a little gloomy right now in my life. Sometimes there is nothing like a good cleansing rain and thunderstorm to kind of scrub the surface and set things right again. Then when the sun comes out, you appreciate it more than before. This can be true in life as well - but for some reason in the midst of the storm, I forget that it is really what seems the most terrible thing that is making it better. So today I intend to enjoy the gloomy weather. I am sure I have at least one kid who will sit on the porch swing in the thick of it with me and watch it roll.


  1. We love to watch our thunderstorms roll in here. Getting ready for tornado season ourselves. Let others be gloomy. Relish the DARK SIDE!!!

    Hee Hee

  2. This will make tomorrow's sunshine and slightly cooler weather that much more enjoyable!

  3. We had T storms for 2 days now rumbling and cracking in the middle of the night, I am waiting for the sun to come back out :)

    It's all Heather's fault BTW


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