23 April 2008

Air Conditioning

I am reminded of the time when I was looking at houses, and talking to realtors from WV about houses for sale in Texas. I was inquiring as to whether or not a particular house had air conditioning since the online listing did not include this information. In a thick southern drawl, the realtor said, "Baby, thay-us is Tayksus. Ever-thang has air con-dish-uh-nang."
Oh really? Not quite the truth - but close.
I have seen a family of 17 in the front seat of a pick-up truck with the windows down in weather that feels like you're on broil in an oven. You see little houses where people are sitting on the porch, front door wide open in the evenings fanning themselves to keep cool. So not quite "ever-thang".
We have joined the ranks of the not so air conditioned in Texas, and let me tell you - it is miserable. Thankfully we have the one little unit in my bedroom, and that is where I shall stay until we get it fixed.
The AC repairmen came earlier and said that our coil needed cleaning. Excuse me? I don't have a coil. Oh you meant my air conditioner? At any rate, it is a bigger deal than just charging the thing up. Travis and our neighbor Tom are going to work on it tonight. I hope they are able to get it done - otherwise, we'll have to come up with $200-250 to get it done. Yikes.


  1. They can do it, Jason did it to ours last year, you take the cover off and vacuum the thing out, use a shop vac.
    Change your filters regularly, our AC was full of dog hair and dust.
    We bought one of the reusable ones that you just wash out.

    Hope that's all it is girl, us women need our AC!

  2. We did the one room AC thing in Romania. We had a window unit in the living room and we did school, ate, played, blogged. It was a good thing it was a decent sized room. Of course we only had about 3-4 weeks of intense summer - nothing like Texas!


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