04 April 2008


I was thinking over the past week and I realize that there is a theme running through the last several posts - and it is one of anger. I am angry. It is taking its toll on me mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
I am so damn tired of those who call themselves Christians having nothing to do but annihilating one another.
The sad part is that in that whole sentence, I lost many of you at the word damn.
Damn Damn Damn
Hopefully those of you who are so sensitive have stopped reading and I can resume with the audience that wants to know what is really on my mind.
The thing is that so many people are out to look at fault in one another - and if you look hard enough you are going to find plenty - especially if your microscope is pointed in my direction. And you know what - the smallest of all will be that I used the word damn - what now like five or six times on my blog.
I feel righteously indignant.
I am worn to the core of being involved in fellowships of various kinds who hold up a flaming hoop for me to jump through. It is wrong.
Do not slap God's name on whatever you decide to do and think that makes it right - because if the same Holy Spirit is in both of us - it should resonate. Lemme tell ya a little secret -
Lean in closer -


  1. Come on, Jewls, if you are going to shock people ... shock them. Throw the F-bomb!!!


  2. Trying again ... here's the link to the post:

    I Just Had To

  3. Damn, I understand completely. To hell with them and move on. never let others run or ruin your mood or life. I have learned that the hard way. Who have I offended with Damn and hell? At this point in my life I don't care. I am too old to worry about what others do or think. You are such a neat person. And so full of wisdom and creativity. Just smile at those who seem to judge you and move on!!


  4. Damn, Julie, I love this post!
    Those flaming hoops tend to singe, don't they? I'm a recovering hoop jumper myself. Being a natural people-pleaser, I went into hoop-jumping overload.

  5. Jules,
    RUN from the hypocrites and DON'T look back.
    This anger is eating you up. Let it ALL go. You will never be able to please everyone. Live your life the way you want with your family. Celebrate being different. Stand up for yourself and your kids. Life is too short. Words are words. Color is color. Hair is hair. Clothes are clothes. Live FREE. Tell them to f#*k off and watch the s*#t hit the fan.!!!!
    (I only deleted some of the letters for your sake---don't want you to lose too many readers :) :) ).
    You know I'm not afraid to say it to anyone.

  6. Ohhhh Julie,

    I'm SO offended. I don't think I can continue to read your blog now. Damn it!!! And just when I thought I was getting to know you so well.

    You KNOW you're just going to bring out all us (I mean, THOSE) closet cussers. Why'd you have to go and do that?

    Life was so unmessy before. I guess you're aware that's not RC (Religiously Correct)!

    And, you guessed it; I'm gonna say it again; To Hell With Religion!!

  7. you make me laugh.

    and btw: I'm wearing a long sleeved black t-shirt and black pants.

    But I still love Jesus.


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