30 April 2008

Revolution Money Exchange

I just wanted to point to my "Revolution Money Exchange" button on my sidebar once again. My bloggy friend Gayle wrote this review about how it worked for her. So far I have had two of you sign up. What have you got to lose? $25 for you just for signing up - and $10 for me for referring you. My friend Stephanie said that she was doing it to contribute to my "gas to West Virginia" fund, with of course one detour in Tennessee. What a terrific idea! It just might help me get there in May. Get your mouse over there and just click it!


  1. I completed it and got my $25, I haven't got any referrals but I hope you do!!!!

  2. what are the fees like when you try to withdraw it? is there a cap?

    if i let $7000 sit in there and i took it out, is it just free?


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