24 April 2008

A Brand New Day

This morning started out with a bang - one thing after the next. I made a grocery list, and decided to make homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener and see how I like it after hearing a friend say that it was only costing her around 7 cents a load. Woo hoo - I spent about as much money on all the stuff to make 3-4 five gallon buckets as I would have on the detergent alone. I am just hoping that I like it.
Here is a little tutorial with pictures of course:
The instructions say that you can use Ivory soap instead of Fels Naptha - and I had to since I couldn't find any. You grate the amount of soap you want - it said 1/3 for the Fels Naptha - but since I used Ivory and the bars are smaller -and I made a double batch, I used the whole bar. It is soft and grates very easy.
Put the shredded soap in with 6 cups of water. Remember I doubled it here so it looks like a lot more. This part was kinda fun. You heat the water only long enough to dissolve the soap, which was very quickly. I wasn't sure why it looked blue - because when it all dissolved it was a translucent white.
Add a 1/2 cup of this - which is one thing I was always confused about because there is Arm & Hammer baking soda in large boxes, and there is Arm & Hammer laundry detergent - but this is definitely what you need - called Super Washing Soda. In SE Texas they are stocking this at Brookshire Brothers stores. I haven't seen it anywhere else.
And 1/2 cup of that.... stirring until both powders dissolve.
Tomorrow when it is more gel like, I will take a picture of it in the great big bucket. I was able to find a 5 gallon bucket at Walmart for $4.44. That was pretty reasonable. That is one of the main reasons I hadn't made it before now was finding a bucket.
While I did this, the girls made homemade lip gloss - and it took on a nice pinkish red color - but it is very, very sour - and we can't figure out why - so we'll experiment with that a little more later. I'm not sure how to sweeten it without using artificial sweeteners. I thought maybe honey - but it would definitely change the consistency - which they really like. They have friends whose mom is a real homeopath, and they don't use any commercial make-up - but make their own. Kaitlyn has said she would really like to start making more of her own cosmetics. Imagine all she can learn. Just another day of unschooling.
AND on top of all the other hoopla today, I got three comments on this blog from my friend Kathie this morning, and it made me miss her so dang bad I had to do something "Kathie-ish" so I made strawberry freezer jam! Over the years Kathie introduced me to a lot of good food, and great recipes - but this is the first one I ever remember hearing about from her. She is such a neat lady - and I am so homesick, I would give just about anything to make freezer jam with her. Anyway - I got a little Kathie-fix without the Kathie. I also made homemade bread that came out of the oven about 20 minutes ago - and should be just about cool enough to cut - so I'm going for a little bread and jam! Hope your day was as productive as mine felt!

Oh yeah, and my friend Melody - I am so blessed to have met her. She evidently knows what a girls best friend is next to chocolate - and took me out for lunch today at Chili's - complete with some terrific margaritas! Ah! I really needed that. Thanks Mel!


  1. You are on it!
    Jason wants to make soap, I just can't fit it into my day...
    I have never even thought of making make up, I do buy mine from all natural cosmetics, of course when I learned about chemicals, I stopped buying them.

    My neighbor in PA made strawberry jam, it was awesome, I haven't done that either.

    Did I ever tell you that Susie and Martha don't live here?

    It's Stephanie and she does what she wants :)

    I cook if I want, I clean if I want I do NOT sew, tried that it's detrimental.

    You said you wanted to know the real me...

  2. You ar so Little House on the Prairie :)
    Wish I could do any of that stuff - would really like to learn how to can and make jam.

  3. Mrs. "Julie" Homemaker. I can barely fit in enough time to keep up with cooking dinner, laundry and all the other chores of running a household. I thought about trying the homemade detergent, but I'm a little hesitant. Maybe one day I'll give it a shot.

  4. You are too sweet. I miss you so DANG BAD too.

    How did the jam turn out? It looks wonderful. I took the plunge and bought a kitchen-aid and wheat grinder. Where do you buy your wheat?

    As for the laundry detergent, I have an HE front loader, do you know if that is safe for that type of machine? Because I'm definately interested. My only other hesitation is the allergy boy (Kameron) There is only a few detergents I can use with him otherwise he gets itchy and grouchy.

  5. So out of my league, I can't even relate. But, you go and do your thing girl and I'll sit back and marvel!

    Thank God "it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round!"

  6. Wow, wow, wow. I'm not sure that I have had a long busy day like that in awhile. Sounds like fun and definitely "scientific"!! You have more energy than I do at this time. Of course, you've had warmer weather. Sunshine is the KEY.

  7. I've never tried this with anything other than the Felsnaptha...does the Ivory give it any scent? Also, if you ever need another bucket ask at any grocery store bakery for their frosting buckets. They'll give you one FREE! (I actually got mine at the wal-mart bakery)


  8. Try storeing in canning jars. Much easer and not as heavy and big to deal with.


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