22 April 2008

Sick Boy

Yesterday was co-op day. We got up in the usual frenzy of a day where we have to get out of the house by a certain time and were all rushing around except for Kullen. He loves co-op and usually gets himself read speedy quick so he can maybe get on the computer for a short while or watch cartoons, but everytime I looked at him, he was reclining on my bed, or his, or the sofa, or sitting at the island with his head down. Uh oh. I felt his forehead. Yep, he was hot. Very hot.
The worst part is that he was supposed to go home with his friend, Max for a sleepover. Even worse was that the last time they had one planned, Max's mom had to cancel at the last minute. Oh boy. He was so upset.
We had to take the girls to co-op and I had to teach one class, and hand off my lesson plans to someone else for my other class. I had him on a futon in the back of an empty classroom. By the time I got him home, his temp was 101 even with Tylenol. He had started getting chills, and could not get warm. I snuggled up on the couch with him (on a microfiber sofa that is very warm, in 80+ degree temperatures with no AC on) to help him get warm. Poor guy.


  1. awww,hope that he is feeling better today!

  2. Sorry he got sick :(

    Can I ask you not to give him a fever reducer? It interferes with the bodies ability to eliminate the toxins and it's not good for the liver. Fever is good, make him comfortable with cold packs, but if isn't too high I would leave it alone.
    I can send you info on fevers if you need back up to my words :)


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