15 April 2008

Movie Review - Of Mice and Men

I love Netflix! I can log on and watch a movie anytime of the day or night. Whenever I am in the mood to watch a movie, I can browse the "view instantly" features, and viola! What a great perk to give to Netflix customers.
This past Friday night, Kullen and I were both tired, but not sleepy. We wanted to snuggle up in bed and watch a movie, but we didn't have any new DVDs here, so we decided to browse for a movie on Netflix and stumbled on a gem. We watched Of Mice and Men. The book, by John Steinbeck is one that I have always wanted to read. I can remember fond times holding it in the library thinking, one day I'd like to read this book before putting it back, or mentally cataloging it on my "to read later" list.
The version we watched was done in 1992, although originally it was made into a movie in 1939. It is the story of a retarded young man named Lenny, and his friend George. Everywhere they go, Lenny manages to get himself in trouble. They end up having to travel from place to place looking for work as farm hands, but they dream together of one day having a place of their own where Lenny will get to "tend the pigs". The movie never really tells us how George becomes Lenny's caretaker, but we see their friendship and deep commitment to one another. The movie has a shocking ending, that makes you gasp, and want to cry. Kullen hid under the covers sobbing for about 10 minutes, but he still says it was a good movie.
We enjoyed it - or maybe what we enjoyed most was watching it together.


  1. I remember this story. It's a great one. We just watched a random Netflix movie called the Ultimate Gift. I let all my kids watch it with me. Awesome B movie. Loved it.

  2. I watched this a couple of weeks ago with Holly. We did cry. Now I am wondering how closely it followed the book. I guess I'll have to read it after all.


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