16 April 2008

Sunday Obsession

I know four terrific guys who are all heart and song. They have a band, and I can say I knew them when........when they were shorter than me........when they referenced their hygiene habits by years...... when they thought burping and farting was cool (and if they still do, I don't want to know).... and I got to see them live out their own relationships with Jesus, falling in love with him, grieving when the felt that they failed him, and wanting so much to point others to Him with their lives, with their music, with their all. They started this really great band, and although I haven't gotten to hear them play live in a long time, I never miss a new song when they have one posted on myspace. My son Kullen even made the first ever fan t-shirt. They are in a "battle of the bands" contest. Go take a listen. You can vote twice today, and you can vote every hour starting tomorrow. It'd be awesome to see these guys get a chance to really get their band recognized. I can tell you, they're the real deal.

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  1. I'm voting as often as I can! We're all so very proud of all four of them, they've been working really hard. I was looking at the pics from Kendra's Birthday and *sniff* I really miss you guys! Come see us all in WV soon!
    Luv ya!


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