16 April 2008

Out of the Fireplace and Into the Fire

Kullen was in the living room earlier this evening, and he came to get me saying, "MOM! Something's in the fireplace." He said he saw a small hand, so we thought maybe a raccoon or a squirrel. We called Dad in, after all the is the tamer of all wild things, and when he opened up the fireplace a beautiful bird flew out. But the poor thing was in such a panic. We had opened the door so Travis could get whatever it was quickly out of the house, but instead of letting the bird out, it let two cats in. Travis saved the bird from one cat that leaped up over the piano and was airborne when he caught it by the tail to spare the poor thing. But the first cat frightened it, causing it to fly in a panic across the room to where we were. It hit the wall, and fell stunned on the floor, and in a second, the other cat was on top of it. It was so upsetting. We all gasped, but it was too late for our feathered friend. We are always finding dead snakes, frogs, bugs and other things on the porch from the little hunters, but we would prefer they leave the birds alone. It was a shocking site I don't think will be out of my mind for a while.


  1. I could cheer you up with my frog sex goo story if you like hehehe :)or the time I ran over the Easter bunny & left five baby bunny orphans.Let me know if any of these sound helpful.

  2. That's terrible! I was cringing just reading it! You tried.lol

  3. Ok that sounds tragic and it would have probably upset me too, but I have to admit I was laughing! I can just see Travis grabbing the cat! HAHAHAHAHA!

    WE actually had a very similar incident happen many years ago, but the cat brought the bird (one of those doves/pigeons) inside the house and LET IT GO! It flew all over the house and then behind the piano. We had to pull the piano out and then it again flew in a panic.The dog was barking, the cat was running around, my dad fell on his rear, my mom was yelling, I was 8 months pregnant with Kaitlyn, and my wonderful husband....Sat reading a newspaper like not a thing was happening.

  4. Nothing like a good distraction from script writing, eh?

    How's that coming by the way? Is it keeping you in a frenzy? Keep on keepin' on girl! You can do it; don't lose heart!

    Ok, that's the extent of my cheerleading.


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