01 April 2008

Adieu Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
You have been a huge part of my life but now it is time to say good-bye. I have loved being here, writing down my thoughts or sharing the events of the day. I've met many friends, most of them are simply cyber friends. Others I've gotten to meet in real life. I've enjoyed making friends and reading about your lives too! The community and connections with other people have been immensely exciting.
Now it is time to move on. Life has gotten too crazy with working, writing, and trying to spend time with my family and a moment or two on house cleaning. Maybe I'll even find time to read a whole book now and then. So, I will just say Good-bye dear blog. Thank you for being a fun part of my life.
Please leave me a comment so at least I will know I'll be missed.

I would like to add just one comment here at the very end. April Fool! Have a nice day and leave a comment anyway! Let me just tell you before you start leaving "hate comments" that it is all Karen's fault! She started it!


  1. Ok, you got me!! I was geniuinly saddened. I love reading your writing and seeing what is going on in Texas! We love you!

  2. I honestly think that I might boycott your blog for a week. JUST for being so mean.

    I was almost choking up!

    jerk. OF COURSE we'd miss you.

  3. Oh yeah whatever.........I thought maybe you were taking a break so you could work on your script. Glad to know that it was just an April's fool.


    Ya got me. Ya got me good.

  5. You meany!!!! I was shouting 'NOOOOOOO' as I was reading that! I was wondering what on earth had made you make such a rash decision? There will be paybacks for that one lady! As soon as I figure out anything worthy of paying you back with! LOL!

  6. Oh my gosh you brat!!! I believed you because you do have a lot going on but don't we all?????

    The jokes on me!

  7. Ok, you've pulled it out of me yet again:
    To HELL with April Fool's jokes!

    I was just getting warmed up on the blogging scene;
    you were my very inspiration - how dare you try to pull one over on a newbie! That's cruel! :)

    It did make me realize your blogging really has inspired me.

    Love ya, and glad you'll stick around a little longer.

  8. hehehe...that's like you bidding adieu to your cell phone! Bwaahaahaahahaa

  9. Girl! I nearly cried before I got to the end and realized what you were doing to us! You better not stop blogging!

  10. Luckily I read this a day late and saw that you had written already.
    Good one.


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