04 April 2008


My kids like to tease me about something I said recently, "I wasn't allowed to rebel when I was growing up". It really cracks them up. I guess you can't really consider their behavior rebellion if I allow it. Travis and I were talking last night about how if you give your kids freedom there is nothing to rebel against, and then the times when they do push where you are uncomfortable often fade quickly away. I grew up with two type A, domineering, my way or the highway type parents. My dad was easier than my mom as far as letting me do things versus keeping me locked up in the house all day, but since I seldom lived with him due to an overwhelming sense of guilt that I was responsible for my mom, and the awkwardness of being a step-child, it was rough.
All of that to say that I think at 38 I have finally entered my rebellious phase.
Rebellion is good sometimes - think of Martin Luther nailing his thesis to the church door, Corrie ten Boom rebelling to spare the lives of numerous Jews, or anyone else who took a risk to change the world. If I am going to be lumped with anyone, let me be lumped with them, rebels that they are!


  1. It could be: that as the kids get older and make their own way, maybe you are looking back at time and seeing how pigeon-holed you were with Type A parents.

    My rebellion started at 16 with my parents' divorce. I went through a second stage about 4-5 years ago. I finally felt like I was done with being bossed around. I'm feeling my third stage coming on soon. :) :0 This one will have to do with the kids growing up and leaving. More like, now what??

    Behind you all the way, woman.

  2. I'm pretty sure my rebellion started at birth ; )

  3. I was born a rebel, my friend in high school said I was a rebel without a pause.

    That is my goal too, not to give my kids anything to rebel against :)

  4. my kids always say there's nothing to rebel against at our house hehehe they rebel against my rebellion and are all turning out to be really nice people who like to clean & go to church. LOL... go figure. :)


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