18 April 2008

Free Money

I saw an ad for a new service called Revolution Money Exchange on my friend Gayle's blog. It is a PayPal type service that securely handles online purchases. The great part is that just for signing up you get $25. My "refer a friend" button is the little green thing at the top of the right hand sidebar. If you sign up soon, you'll automatically have $25 added to your account, and I'll get $10 more for referring you. Check it out.

Go ahead, just click it!


  1. Have you received your $25 yet?

  2. I signed up Julie and got my $25.00. I also posted about it on my blog. Thanks for the link! :o) This will come in handy with a movie I've been wanting.

    *waves at Stephanie* I don't think there is any catch because it's another Paypal-type service.


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