12 April 2008

To Ponder

Am I a writer because I write
..or do I write
because I am a writer?


  1. Both. Which means you are not a writer if you don't write.
    So, stop pondering, get your butt in the chair and get back to it. That 30 days is going by fast and you can do this.

  2. What jblieu said!!! *puts on her cheerleader outfit, grabs her pom poms and starts to chant* GO JULIE!!!

    *scary, scary visual!!* LOL!!!

    You can do this and if your really stuck bounce some ideas off me, I'd love to help if possible. I mean come on I put on a cheerleaders outfit for ya ;)!

  3. I think you write because you're a writer. In my opinion, many a person has written that is not a writer. I think you're like me, Julie, in that you write from the heart. I actually feel a NEED to write, as my guess is that you do too. You have mentioned that it is therapy to you. I ditto that.

    Write on, baby! Let it flow!

  4. You are a writer because we all want to read what you say.


Awaiting your words......
♥ Juls ♥