01 April 2008

Script Frenzy Begins - Character Name

I always get stuck on the simplest details when I'm writing. This time I am sort of at a loss for the name of the main character. She is about 85% me - but I don't want to call her Julie. I don't want a fancy new trendy name - so I thought about something that is as solidly simple as Julie such as Jane or Joanne. Neither of which are working for me. If you have a suggestion - please send it my way. Did I mention that SCRIPT FRENZY starts today!!!!


  1. Jasmine (might be too fancy), Janelle, Jamie, Joy

    Does it have to be a "J" name?

  2. What about Alice- seems like you relate to that one. I still think Jane would make a great heroine!

  3. I was thinking of Alice, too. Or how about Anne, Kate, Elizabeth, Laura..;

  4. Does it have to be a "J" name? How about Jackie, Lilly, Claire or Samantha - Sam for short.

  5. How about June? She can be a very non-Cleaver kind of June too.

  6. Tina...now theres a pretty good name!
    (guess who?)


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