31 March 2008

AC in TX

The last couple of days it has gotten increasingly more and more humid. I have put off turning on the air conditioner because once you turn the thing on, it is pretty much six solid months of AC. We have tried to beat the heat with open windows and ceiling fans, which help the heat, but do little to combat the humidity, or the pollen. In fact they welcome the pollen and drag it in and swirl it around. Kullen could hardly breathe through the night last night - and has fought his allergies all day today. So tonight we closed up the windows and have braced ourselves for the AC run.
I think there is an 80s song..... we're gonna rock down to electric avenue, and our bills keep getting higher, higher!


  1. It would pay for you to get central air - it is very very cheap (not to install - but to run) - we pay less in the summer than in the winter.
    Stay cool. And keep that boy breathing!!!

  2. I have ran the A/C a couple of times already! Like you, I hate it because of the expense and the principle. A/C in March? Come on!!!

    Yesterday we had storms, the heat index was 87 degrees and even if the windows weren't closed up, there was no breeze blowing! I enjoy the fresh air but it comes with a high price. My throat is sore and my nose is stuffy/runny and there is a light green film of pollen on everything! Another couple of weeks and that will be the end of that and the A/C will hum and whine on until October!

  3. We've just given up.

    The AC seems to run constantly, even in the winter.

    I don't care what the calendar says anymore. If I'm hot, the AC goes on.

    (We've been known to turn in on for a day or two in Dec!

  4. We've had AC and ceiling fans on for over a month. The pollen is HORRID right now.

  5. Unbelievable. I had to turn the stove on this am, it was so cold out. Spitting nasty cold rain.
    Weird Weird weather.


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