16 March 2008

A Night of Elegance

Last night was so lovely. There really aren't words to describe the joy of participating in such a wonderful event. The ballroom classes were opened to our entire co-op - so there were young and old taking the classes. The 4th & 5th graders (a/k/a my playground partners) avoided the "boy-girl" thing so they were my helpers in serving dinner. It was a blast. The kids enjoyed serving - and although it made it a lot more work, it was great to watch them serve with enthusiasm.
The whole evening was full of the waltz, foxtrot and lindy, and a few classic wedding dances - like the chicken dance. Old were dancing with young, tall with short, and the ones who were better dancers were teaching the ones who were not so sure of themselves. A broom was passed around and dances were stolen without malice. Dressing up and smelling good for an evening has its perks too!
Here are pictures of the girls with their dance partners: Kendra with Daniel and Kaitlyn with David. They are brothers and such terrific boys. It was a great night for everyone.
Today, we're off to another long rehearsal as Pride and Prejudice is opening in just two short days! Aaaaahk! I am surprised that I had time to blog at all!


  1. Ken & Bug have become breathtakingly beautiful. Kullen looking rather suave himself.

  2. They look absolutely beautiful (and handsome where applicable)! :-)

    What a great idea and a fun way to spend an evening. *sigh* Lovely, simply lovely.

  3. Looks like a wonderful night-how fun!

  4. Awesome. Everyone looks so pretty and nice. Good memories.

  5. WOW!!
    They look beautiful and it looks like everyone had fun :)

  6. Yes! The girls are so grown up and beautiful!! So happy that you're so busy.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful time! The girls look beautiful all dressed up with their dance partners. Kullen looks like he's having a blast.

  8. This sounds like so much fun! Your kids looked fabulous!


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