20 March 2008

I Miss Me

I have said that over the past week to two different friends. Sometimes busy-ness is overwhelming. This kind of busy-ness was good, but I am definitely glad that for the most part it is over. (Until the next time.) After such a lonely year last year it is very nice to be active again in things that we really enjoy. Typically two things like ballroom dancing and a performance would not be happening simultaneously.
Pride and Prejudice was fantastic. It went off without a hitch. I got to have more than a front row seat as I was able to sit directly in front of the stage to feed lines if necessary - which it really wasn't. The kids all turned on - and as is typically the case in theater, all the rough spots were suddenly smoothed as the threat of public humiliation in front of an audience was greater than any fear over dropped lines, missed cues, or awkward movements. I went back to my husband during intermission and he generally is a tough critic. He was SO impressed! At the end the kids were well rewarded by an appreciative audience on their feet with a long applause. Anyone who missed it truly missed a great show.
I have taken tons of pictures - but most of mine came out a bit dark. Even lightening them with Photoshop didn't prove to be much help. I couldn't get my flash to hit them well on the stage. My favorite characters are at top left. The picture to the right is of Kendra and her friend Trent - who played Jane and Mr. Bingley respectively. Trent was struggling throughout the play to portray how "taken" he was with Jane's character. At the end of the show, they posed for this picture for me, which shows how much fun they had. I love it! At the bottom, the Bennet family - to them I say Adieu! It was fun being a part of your lives and now I'm glad it's over!


  1. To hell with drama!! I've got enough in my life, but without the audience. OK,OK,OK. Just joking! So, you've ruined my "to hell with it" streak. And I was just getting into it. Maybe it's just my brief intermission. (I'm really not an angry person!)

    So glad you enjoyed experiencing this with your kids! I'm sure it will be one of their (and your) fondest memories together. That's such a cool thing to do together, even though I know it wears momma out!

    It conjures up memories of my high school days when I was in drama. (Bet you wouldn't have guessed that! Yep, a big thespian - and loved every minute of it.)

    Hopefully things will calm down a little for you now!
    To hell with "good" busyness! Get yourself some rest girl! (Sorry, it just slipped out :))

  2. yah, I say that you could use a few days of just tucking in and not going anywhere! It does look like good busy-ness, but sounds like you could use some down time now!

  3. Wonderful pics recently. Looks like you are all having so much fun and making so many great memories. I love it. Wish I could've been there to see it---I love plays.

  4. Wonderful pix and costumes! What a great family experience and I'm sure some wonderful memories to go with it. Sit back, take a deep breath and relax, at least until the next big event starts to take place.


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