26 March 2008

A Suffocating Cloud of Negativity

Against my better judgment, I tried to share my enthusiasm for my writing project this morning with a person with whom I am, shall we say intimately acquainted. Instead of asking questions to learn more or understand why I feel it necessary to participate in the Script Frenzy, the comments were all negative, discouraging, probing only to find a problem, and assuming that it was a contest and that I was going to strive toward some mediocre prize (which was the main issue). It was so frustrating. It is difficult living with a negative person. It is supremely discouraging. I have to get my head out of the choking cloud of comments, away from someone who wants to make snap judgments about everything without really taking any interest in understanding how they work or what they're about. There has to be one person in my life who does not feel like a hurdle to jump over toward any goal of success. Please. There actually are quite a few of you - it is just the ones I am most intimately acquainted or related to by blood that seem to love to rain on my parade. It's alright - I'm grabbing an umbrella.


  1. *stands under the umbrella with you* I can totally relate and am finding it harder and harder to not become negative as well. *hugs* Good luck with your writing you definately have a wonderful gift to share with others.

  2. I feel your pain, sister! Really, I do. It is so dishearteneing and so hard not to be completely swallowed by it.

    But I agree with the first commenter here. You do have a gift. Keep sharing.

  3. I have to stop and realize that sometimes I inflict pain on a loved one because of something I am dealing with and vice versa. It's not easy living with others, is it? Thinking and feeling for you. I think you are a wonderful writer.

  4. I'm so sorry. My stepmother is like this and it's EXHAUSTING. 'Cause you know you have to keep up some sort of relationship, but it's almost so much work....it's not worth it.

    Talk about the deep stuff to the people who will build you up and encourage you. That's my advice.

  5. I understand completely what you are going through - there's nothing worse than having someone burst your bubble; especially when it's someone who you think could/should be the most supportive person in your life. I'm sorry this is happening, but don't let anyone get in the way of you doing something that you love.

  6. Hang in there! You are a gifted writer and I know you will do well.

    Sometimes people just don't get it, even people we are close to.

  7. Write away, my friend! Like my last post, God gives us free will and brain to explore, discover, learn, live, love, and laugh all in His Glory.

    You are NOT short of audience. I come to you for my inspiration, motivational, and FIX.


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