22 March 2008

Easter Weekend

I will be taking time to really blog soon. All the outside things have finally slowed down and I am hard at work trying to make a space in my life to do the things I like again with energy and passion. The kids have spring break this coming week, so we are going to be taking it easy - of course they have a ton of things they want to do.
Yesterday we went to see Horton Hears a Who which we all loved. Dr. Seuss is the best! It had a lot of intelligent humor and poignant moments. Be sure to turn off the Project Playlist on the left before turning on the trailer below.

Today we are distributing Easter baskets and having our holiday meal, because Kendra is working tomorrow. Our menu is ham, homemade dinner rolls, three bean salad and these Cheesy Potatoes Euphoria that I found at my favorite Slow Cookin' Thursday. I also followed her link to this Bird's Nest Cake which I decided to make!
I told the kids we might hit one of the local trails for a walk this afternoon. The weather is just perfect. The sun is shining and all the windows are open, and the slight wind outside is causing the windchimes to make a nice music on the front porch.
I don't know what you're doing this weekend, but I hope that your life, and the enjoyment of it celebrates Christ. It a lot more about the life we're living than the services we're attending. We were set free at the cross from the guilt and obligation. I will celebrate by living well.


  1. Happy Easter, Julie!

    I hope you were able to take that walk today-- it was gorgeous outside!


  2. Hope your day was awesome!

    May you experience his resurrection power to overcome every obstacle. I know that there is so much more of that power that I want to access.

    To hell with death! We've got a resurrection to celebrate!!

  3. happy easter, jules. We're looking at 30 degrees, sunny, but cold. Snowed yesterday. Doesn't help the Spring mentality.

  4. I found your blog via Cherry Hill cottage! I live in Dallas but I was near you last week on a college visit with my daughter in Nacogdoches.
    It was a beautiful drive.

    Happy EASTER!


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