29 March 2008

Mrs. Douglas

I have a friend named Ruth who got to meet Jesus today. She was so sick for the last few months that her body was no longer able to keep her spirit here. I am so sad for the loss that those of us who have loved her have experienced, it is selfish but when you love somebody, it hurts to know you won't see their face or hear their laugh again. I was hoping to get to see her when we make our trip to West Virginia, and now I will have to wait for heaven. I am thankful that she is not going through any more of the horrific medical problems that she had, the ups and downs, the frustrations of living in a nursing home. But I'm sad for Dwayne and Shasta who have lost their mother and friend.
Before Dwayne married Shasta, I used to clean their house. The best part about cleaning day at the Douglas' was getting to visit with Mrs. Ruth. I could do most of the work in an hour or two - but I would often spend half the day there. Sometimes Mrs. Ruth would make lunch for me. She had a great sense of humor and a vibrant personality. I can remember a day when she was particularly anxious about her son, Dana. His marriage was going through a rough period, and he was getting into trouble. When I got there that day, she was just wringing her hands in worry. We talked for a little while and I ended up by her on my knees praying for her son. A few days later, she called me and joyfully reported that Dana had given his life to the Lord. His life really did turn around, and I counted it special that Mrs. Ruth and I got to share that miraculous answer to our joint prayer.
Mrs. Ruth will be deeply missed, but the indelible mark she left on the lives of those who loved her will remain.


  1. we love you and know she thought the world of you and your family! God Bless! *HUGS*

  2. What a sweet tribute to a friend. I'm so grateful for time spent with older folks. I sure do appreciate them.

    And I love the colors on your blog!

  3. I am really sorry for your loss Julie. How precious that you got to share relationship with her! I'm sure she'll be saving you a place up there, or a castle or whatever we're gonna have there.

  4. Julie, I am so sorry for your loss of a great friend, just know that her faith is now sight & cling to those special memories. Love, Mel


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