05 March 2008

In My Basket

I am a multi-tasker no doubt. I can have ten things going at just about any given time. Currently I am sewing dresses for Pride and Prejudice, and I have just been asked to step in and help as backstage manager, planning for a 6th & 7th grade literature class using a book that is not offering up much in the way of obvious activities, schlepping kids to work, ballroom dancing, rehearsal and any of a number of other activities, trying to maintain a modicum of cleanliness, feed my family food that is not in the plastic category which requires menu planning and grocery shopping, balance a budget with income the size of my pinkie toe, help a laid-off husband (yep again!) find a job, work my own job, and occasionally sleep.
As I am typing this I hear the sound of breaking glass - and have to go clean up an oil lamp that got knocked over in the living room. Ugh.
I have too much stuff in my basket. I can't wait for summer. Need.more.lattes.

In case you haven't noticed my blog has gotten a lot quieter! After Emily's comment yesterday I realized that the music player on my blog was even getting on MY nerves. I have another one that is a little gentler that goes with my new blog design that will be revealed soon, very soon.


  1. Did you get that job you had applied for?

  2. Gee, the busy virus is sure hitting moms hard this time of year! Hope you get a break soon, or at least MAKE yourself take one somehow!

  3. Oh my word (wow, that sounds like an old lady!), you have a lot going on woman!

    Okay, go pass out now. You have got to be exhausted!

  4. You need a smaller basket. :)

  5. Too much to process, overload...

    You are busy girlfriend!

  6. Maybe you need less lattes and a good nights sleep! Send all the kids to Grandmas for an overnight. Picture it - you, the bed, a good book - no noise, chaos or demands for 8 or 9 hours. Wow, I feel refreshed just typing this...

  7. Stay at home moms are so hard working. Sometimes I come to work just to get a break! Hopefully things will calm down for you soon. In the meantime, hang in there eventually you'll look back at these times and miss them.

  8. I think you need a vacation to our house. Seriously, you and Steph.

    I'm thinking of you. Budgets are a b.....


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