06 March 2008

Domestic Tranquility

Could I escape a moment
Have a thought all to myself
And dream a dream
Dance a dance
Or paint a piece of furniture red
Begin a novel
Write a letter to a friend
Walk carefree in the rain
Without a thought
As to who will wipe the mud off of my shoes
The days it seems
Are gone
Before they even begin
As moment fades to hours
And hours into days
That write lines upon my face
And cheerful possibilities are swept away
With necessity
The tyranny of the urgent
Can anybody else answer the phone
Pay the bills
Wash the car, bathe the dog
Make the grocery list
What I wanted so much
To be a mother and wife
Now threatens to take my own life away
As day after day
I get lost
In what some would call
Domestic tranquility

Lest anyone think I don't love my family, please know that I do. Sometimes I just crave a minute, or maybe five or ten consecutive ones to myself, that are otherwise unaccounted for.


  1. I think we all crave those moments away unaccounted for. When we get them all the more precious and treasured they are. *hugs*

  2. uh huh :)

    No someone else can't do those things, sheesh :)
    My son only lets/wants mom so it makes things a little challenging at times, it's like dh doesn't exist.
    I tell the kids hey do you know your dad knows how to spell and make sandwiches and a lot of other things too :)

    I get my tranquility in the tub with a glass of wine somewhere around 2am

  3. I feel your pain sister! All the more reason for us to plan our sister trip and real soon!

  4. Great poem Julie!

    I'm going to have to try your chicken salad. That sounds delicious.

  5. And when I do make time for those things for myself ... OH the guilt!

    I am really trying to sort out my feelings about being a mother; the reasons I birthed these children were wrapped in toxic teaching. But I do have them and wouldn't want it any other way now. But, I am just so overwhelmed most of the time. And most of the time, I feel like there's not enough of me to go around.

    BTW, love your new blog design. You asked about category clouds ... that is just a wordpress.com widget. But I thought you could find one for blogger.


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