06 March 2008

My Boy Blogger

My son has been asking me for a couple of days to help him set up a blog. We finally did. He dictated two posts to me, but I think he'll be whipping them out on his own in no time! Way to go Kullybear! Hop on over and leave the kid some comments, he'll be thrilled!
A short while later Kaitlyn said she got a new blog too, where she shares her deep thoughts and interesting music! What's up with that on the same day??
Some of you have already visited Kendra's blog, where readers can get a reali-tea check.
Wow, all my kids finally got bitten by the blogging bug!

1 comment:

  1. I seriously can't read her blog, the white on black, the words were blurring and my eyes were wigging.

    I really wanted to read her political post but I couldn't.


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