18 March 2008

Random Smatterings of My Crazy Busy Life

Today is the BIG day. Okay nobody is getting married - but it is the day that the girls have prepared for over the last several months. It is what we have lived and breathed the last two weeks - with a brief commercial interlude for ballroom dancing. After taking a bunch of serious cast shots yesterday, I asked the kids for a silly one, that even the crew got in on. I am sure I will have other pictures to post later - but for now this is a sneak peak into the mixture of fun and hard work that has been going on. Be sure to notice my two daughters - Kaitlyn seated 2nd from left - with her husband "Mr. Collins" kneeling beside her for a kiss. Kendra is seated 3rd from the right and appears to have stolen someone's top hat! The leaders for this drama are two amazingly talented and patient women. Getting to be a backstage mom has been a lot of fun. Tonight will have me on the floor in front of the stage prompting should anyone *ahem* forget their lines.
On a personal note - these events are always a little bittersweet. Seeing the other students with their families gathered around is often a stark reminder that we don't have that. It is the reason we are in Texas and it seems we are often as alone as ever. I am extremely sleep deprived which is making my feelings about it worse today - isn't that how it always goes? This morning I woke up to *expletive deleted* because my husband and I both overlooked his cell phone in the pocket of his work clothes when they were put in the washer last night. Yikes. That was at 5 am after going to bed at 1:30. I tried to go back to sleep and I think the adrenaline of the day's anticipated activity is keeping me from it. I have also have a stiff neck and headache. But there is nothing to be done - the show must go on!


  1. Pride and Prejudice is my favourite! I would love to see the play! Tell the girls to break a leg, and I hope you get some rest!

  2. Stop being so busy lately, I miss you online, yep I'm being selfish :)

    I'm sorry about the sleep deprivation, I know that to well.

    Don't you know that cell phones are NOT machine washable, gosh didn't you get the memo...

    Glad it's going well everyone looks like they are having FUN!

  3. I can't wait to hear how everything goes. And hey, no more sewing!!! They all look like they're having a blast! I know soon after you'll be ready to crash. Just move to Georgia that would solve your family issues!!!! Love ya :)

  4. Hey Julie - we were greatly blessed by the play last night - the kids did an excellent job. BTW-Can we be your "adopted" family?
    with love, Mel and JT

  5. To hell with cell phones!! Who needs 'em?! For that matter, to hell with mornings!! To hell with sleep!!
    Their all grossly overrated. The show must go on!!

    Hope it DID. go on, by the way - and without a hitch.
    But if there was a hitch... to hell with hitches too!!

  6. How come the family isn't around much?


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