28 March 2008

In Our Little Corner of the World

I just wanted to check in - since I have hardly had time to blog in the last couple of days. I have made trips in and out of the city a couple of times a day for Kaitlyn's doctor's appointments and running kids to various activities.
Kaitlyn's toe seems to be healing up quite nicely. The procedure was fairly routine, but she was a bit anxious about it. As she has a tendency to pass out, I was concerned. It seems to be healing well and with antibiotics and a lot of foot soaking, we're on our way to recovery, at least for her toe.
Her jaw seems to have alleviated quite a bit with some exercises given by the husband of an online friend, but her mouth still opens crooked - meaning one side opens more than the other. The doctor is convinced that she has TMJ, so we are going to consult with a dentist about some non-surgical and drug-free treatments.
My husband, the junk collector scored a go-cart in a trade made with a neighbor boy yesterday, so I suspect he and Kullen will be working on that most of the weekend. Kullen is very excited.
Kendra is working and trying to recover from spring break! She has filled her week with lots of activities.
I am gearing up for the Script Frenzy. I am preparing mentally to make space each day to write. I am thinking about things. I have never worked well with a format or outline from which to write. It either just flows or it doesn't. I is a bit daunting to think of forcing it to flow within the confines of one month, but I really need the motivation.
Last night we went and played cards at a friend's house and that was absolutely awesome. There are some terrific women and kids there and it is really fun getting to know them all better.
That's a wrap for now - profound thoughts are elusive. They're there but I can't seem to capture them.


  1. Yeah, to hell with confinement!! After all, you see the name I have chosen to go by. :) Confinement is against my religion! (Although, I have been trading in my religion lately...hmmm)

    I can't seem to kick my "to hell with it habit" yet. I'm sure it will work its way out of my system soon. It's just that I have been CONFINED by religion for SO long!

    I'm like a dog whose been waiting ALL DAY for his master to come home. I just want to yell YIPPEE!! He's here! He's here! I'm finally Free!!!!

    Anyway, you'll do GREAT in the script frenzy!!
    I'm sure you will rise to meet the challenge, as you have undoubtedly done many times before!
    Go Forth and conquer, my friend!!

  2. Sounds like all is going well and moving forward in a productive and fun environment.

    Don't worry the words will flow from your mind and onto paper, I'm sure very fluidly. You will do great in the writing contest.

    Keep it up! I know you'll do great!

  3. So glad to know Kaitlyn is doing better! Script Frenzy sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

  4. You can do it!!!
    Thanks for your comment - it was very sweet.
    Glad to hear Kaitlyn didn't pass out.

  5. Boy, you do sound busy. We need to go for a coffee break and just chat. Missed "hearing" from you. Glad Kaitlin if feeling better.

  6. Glad Kaitlyn is alright now! Hope you get the jaw thing sorted out too. The new template it interesting. Very clever of you to do it yourself - I can barely add a blinkie to my blog and that takes half an hour to get right! LOL! I still liked your HSB template the best, but it is your blog - do what YOU like not what we like!! Do you dress in the morning for the neighbors? We love you but we shouldn't be making you change anything for us! Anyway, that is my opinion of the situation! Love ya!


Awaiting your words......
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