03 March 2008

Blood, Gore and War

This weekend for some reason we viewed a lot of high-tension or "action" movies. I think it is safe to say that we tend to be heavy on the chick-flicks or dramas around here. I am not sure how our line-up was this:
Friday: The Brave One
Saturday: Cold Mounain
Sunday: Rambo
All of these movies had their fair share of violence. Two of them had warlike scenes - Cold Mountain from the Civil War era, and Rambo showed a lot of violence in the Burmese Civil War. It is all so brutal. I have watched movies with such footage in it before, and hardly flinched, although admittedly it was not my thing. This weekend, it had a great impact on me. I was telling my husband after watching Cold Mountain - which I had seen several years ago - that I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be in a situation where there was so much killing.
I think I used to have a more cavalier attitude about war - that it was something that has been happening since the beginning of time, and it is just what we do. I can't imagine having the power in my hands to take another human life. What has come at a terrible price may not even be peace at all.
I think right now I am kind of raw from a personal situation that has just left me in a semi-grieving state. I think that I am starting to feel things again - hurt, worry, wonder, be afraid. I am not sure where this road is leading, but I know that I must follow it - even if it hurts, I am willing to wake from the semi-conscious state of existence.


  1. I am tired of being a grownup. Weary of thinking. I want to lighten up and brighten up. I like it here in Wonderland. I miss my Barrel of Monkeys.I feel like we did the Freaky Friday swap & you are morphing into me. For years you have fought like hell to keep me from going to the Dark Side and I intend to do the same for you. Don't let them win Lucy. Show them they were wrong. They were. Tell me when you get back and we will watch Elf. You need toe socks. And some red hair dye. You need chocolate, balloons & Groucho glasses. And I need you. The real you. Please don't go. I Love you Lucy.

  2. Recently, I was watching "Dresden" from Netflix. It's about the city of Dresden and how it was bombed to near oblivion in WW2. There is the human interest angle of course but what struck me was the reality of how they had recreated the scenes on film. I was watching the bombings, the firey inferno, the death and destruction and suddenly I had this picture of God in heaven. I could see His heart break and tears running down His face as He watched His beloved creation destroying one another in all of its ugliness. I find myself seeing that image more & more as I watch not only movies but just reading the everyday headlines!

  3. I can't watch those type of movies anymore. It really just tears at my heart and spirit, and I sit there wondering why I PAID to have this as entertainment. It is NOT ENTERTAINING! I will stick to my chick flix, thank you very much.

    I am praying for you, Julie. Love you!

  4. Though I don't watch too many violent movies- i find they can be too heavy- I do find that there is a place for movies that remind us of how others suffer around the world, or suffered for the freedom that we enjoy and often take for granted. That being said, I found Cold Mountain so frustrating!!! Though I do remember loving my hubby even more when he mentioned being uncomfortable with the mountain love scene- I thought it was pretty cool that my hubby did not want to see Nicole in her birthday suit. Anyways, getting back on topic- I wish that more people were conscious of what they were watching, and were saddened by needless violence- if I understood your post correctly, I don't think the fact that you are bothered by such movies is a bad thing. I will definitely be picking some for my kids to watch when they are older- such as The Hiding Place based on Corrie Ten Boom's book.

  5. It's so funny that this topic came up. Just last night I was talking to my brother-in-law and husband and explaining that as I've gotten older I can no longer watch the same type of movies anymore. My conscience gets in the way and there is no enjoyment in it at all. Movies are so much more realistic these days and it feels like you're right there. A little too much for me now a days. Just give me some Disney movies or chick flix and I'm good to go. I've really gotten soft in my old age.

  6. I don't like war movies. I prefer to live in my little reality and not think about awful things like gore, blood and blown up body parts. Now, back to my new book....The Killing Fields.


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