09 March 2008

Restoring My Dignity

Okay - yesterday's post was a bit pathetic. Don't you feel bad for my poor family having to see me all day in such a state. It is scary. Today I took a shower and did my hair - sort of - although I'm having eye make-up withdrawal. I am heading to rehearsals with the kids today - and will help as stage manager - but first we're stopping off at Walmart to find an eye patch that doesn't require taping things to my face which evidently I have no tolerance for, and a pair of dark sunglasses as my eye is extremely light sensitive. I took some pictures so you could see that I wasn't as sad as I appeared yesterday, and I am slightly regretting that decision - as before I was only straining to see through the blur of eye ointment and now have lovely spots to accompany this effect.
I did also remember a half sleepy morning waking up and rubbing my dry right eye while my contact was still in there - which is likely what caused the damage. The inflammation has cleared a bit today and I can see the redness/injury is around my iris in a circular pattern! I just recently started wearing a new kind of contact that you can keep in your eyes for 2 weeks - but when they are dry - you have to rewet them. Note to self: be more diligent about that!


  1. Diggety restored! heehee :) Love you & hope you are all healed soon.

  2. Aw, I miss Pirate Patch! Hope your eye improves quickly and that rehearsal goes well today!

  3. Poor baby! I'm sorry you were in pain and discomfort and more importantly that you had to go to the ER. Hopefully you will soon be back to normal.


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