19 April 2008

Kid Therapy

I have had a terrific day with my kids. We bought a basketball hoop for Kullen from a family we know that is moving - and what a score for $20. We brought it home and have played with it most of the day on and off. It is nice to see him wanting to do something other than watch a movie or play a video game.
I made minestrone soup and garlic bread for dinner. We took the dog with us to take Kendra to work about 5 - and afterwards, Kaitlyn and Kullen and I went to walk one of our favorite trails in the Big Thicket. We stopped a couple of times and just listened to the birds. It is evidently a great birding area. We also watched bees landing on the pitcher plants, and hoped we'd get to see one gobbled up, but we never did. There were also a LOT of animal tracks, and a strong odor in one area of cat urine. I don't think it was a teeny tiny housecat either!
When we came home, Kaitlyn wanted me to let her drive the car, so we went to the junior high school on our block, and let her drive around and around. Then, I controlled the gas an brake and let Kullen drive a little as well, from the driver's seat. You should see me straddle between the two front seats to do this! It was fun.
My kids are the best medicine.


  1. Glad you had a good time with your kiddos! They certainly are good medicine at times (especially when they aren't the cause of the headache! LOL)

  2. Don't tell James you wanted to see the bees get eaten!
    I have always believed that kids are the coolest to hang out with.

  3. Isn't it amazing how kids can bring so much joy? And it's all in the small things.

  4. Yeah...sounds like a great day.


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