10 April 2008


A few things.
Went to the doctor yesterday - she said I have come to Texas to die.
Well she didn't say exactly that - but evidently although I have not really had seasonal allergies before - viola! I do now. it is settling in my throat, my nose, and now my chest.
The only sound emanating from my lips this morning is a squeak-like sound that can't actually be considered words.
When I tried to say Good Morning Kendra what came out was "ooh uh eeh uh". Fortunately she knows "squeak speak".
In further medical news, the UTI appears to be over. (I know you were all wondering.)

Although some may have country music aversions, that I myself am prone to from time to time, I have to share the link to this video of Trace Adkin's new song "You're Gonna Miss This" that my friend Carol sent to my daughter Kendra. Even though none of my family really knows my kids, we do have "family" that loves them and knows them so well even if we aren't related by blood. Carol knows that Kendra has been ready to grow up since she was born. Each year on her birthday she tells us how old she is going to be next year. This video was perfect - it was a great message for a little girl who grew up too fast. (She isn't grown yet.)

I used to really loathe television. I hated the idea that I had to be in my living room, on the couch at a certain time and day to watch the shows I liked. I have been so happy to find that the major networks are hosting their most popular shows online. (although the most recent episodes of LOST have not appeared!!) I have begun watching Desperate Housewives, and am ready for their new season, as well as Brothers & Sisters. The best part is that I can watch them when I want. Woo hoo. That's my kind of TV.

I am working steadily on my script although right now I don't like where it has gone and I am not exactly sure where to go from here. I know that sounds weird - but perhaps if you have written a story you know how it can take on a life of its own, and go places you never really dreamed. Strange. Never a dull moment.


  1. That's why DVR's are so wonderful.
    Hope you start to feel better soon.

  2. Sorry about the allergies mine just started bothering me too.

    I finally watched the video and while the school setting is well school the message was clear.

    He was talking about me too,I was just like Kendra and I always talked about when I turn 18 and play by my rules and do what I want etc.

    I was born grown up and couldn't wait to be free.
    Of course my childhood is a lot different than hers. My mom always told me I had to move out when I was 18 and I couldn't wait.

    Anyway actually I do not miss anything about school or childhood but the past 18 years sure have flown by it's like I was her age just yesterday.

  3. You know... If you just had faith you could be healed from those demonic agents of Satan otherwise known as hellergies! :)

    And why'd you have to put that video in and screw up my perfectly good day? Now my mascara's running down my face, and I gotta be somewhere later. It was so true and so telling, and made me think of these times with my babies, and not to keep looking for that better day of tomorrow when they'll supposedly be easier to handle.

    Girl quit that! Let me just keep plowing thru my day unfeeling. :)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your allergies :(

    I hope your voice returns and your scripts are inspired with all that pent up voice in the meant time!

    I also have a little girl who wants to be grownup -- except when she wants to be a baby.

  5. ahhh! I love that song! I was like Kendra. I grew up and moved on with my life way to fast. Now I'm trying to slow it down. I'm fortunate that my children enjoy being children. In fact I have certain daughter who is freaking out because she doesn't want to be 18 in a couple of months. I told her she could stay and be my baby.

    I'm sorry to hear about your allergies. I hope they get better for you soon.

    As for TV. I don't miss it. In fact we have shut off all electronics except music during the week. Except for email of course. I gotta keep in touch with some of my favorite people.

  6. DVR's are life changing. I love being able to watch a show when it's convenient for me. Brother's and Sister's comes on at 10 p.m. and last an hour - that's way too late for me on a work night. So, Brian and I just record and watch when we can - it's great.

    Allergies are horrendous here too - and we've all been feeling like we're on our death bed because of them.

    Get well soon!

  7. Sorry to hear your allergies are worse. That is a heart wrenching song for a mom to listen to, isn't it!

  8. LOST is taking a break, thanks to the writer's strike. It's supposed to be back on April 24th. Hope your sunburn feels better soon!


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