22 April 2008

Going Under

My friend Stephanie sent me the words to this song after all the verbal vomiting I've been doing. I want to apologize if it has been hard for anyone to read. There used to be a time when I would've kept it all a secret, kept pretending that everything was alright when it wasn't, and smiled and laughed through the pain. Now it all just comes out, almost like carbonation in a bottle that's been shaken too hard and can't be held back. I am tired of believing lies, trusting those who have repeatedly broken trust, and silently wondering why some people are blessed with love and adoration while others are neglected and abused for a lifetime. This song resonates with me on so many levels.


  1. Verbal vomiting, that is deep!
    I love Evanescense and have heard this song a hundred times but yesterday when I heard it, I immediately thought of you.

  2. It's OK to go under for awhile, I just hope when you come back up, you'll feel like a new women, kinda like a baptism of sorts.

    Vomit away! It's healthier to get it all out of your system, so the healing can begin. And don't worry, you don't scare Father one bit! He's heard it all before it even leaves your lips. He's known this volcano was ready to erupt, so let her blow!!

  3. I love Evanescense!! I'm going to have to have Dwayne make me another of those cds. I did some of my best writing to that album and somehow those songs just empower me! Love ya darling!!


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