25 April 2008


My kids like to tease me when I get a bit dramatic and say that I'm being emo. Once I learned that it meant "emotional" it seemed well suited, and thus we created a fictional superhero character known as Emo-ther! I love to put the character on - I have dreams of a YouTube video feature....maybe one day.
I digress. What I really wanted to post about here was not the superhero crazy mom, but give you an update on our co-op dilemma regarding the dress code. The board took a survey to find out how people were feeling, and sent out a notice stating vaguely what Mom #1, Mom #2 and so forth felt about the decisions that was made. Most did overwhelmingly support the uniform dress code, according to the document that we were sent, but it is a little suspect in that a friend of mine and I both thought we were Mom #4, so I am not sure how well what each person has said was represented. Just the fact that a discussion hasn't been entered into with all parties still falls short to me. I think we're probably not going back.
Perhaps I'll write my first short feature of Emo-ther, fighting legalism with one hand tied behind my back while covering up a black little emo heart with a hot pink cape!


  1. I was wondering about the dress code issue. I thought most people would not be in favour though.

    2 questions: How are you doing? and did the laundry soap work?

  2. Sorry things didn't work out for you and your kids. Maybe there is another alternative.


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