05 April 2008

Happy Birthday Kendra

My baby turns 17 today. I can't believe it is only one more year until she will be an adult. I already wrote a lot about my feelings of her growing up here in anticipation of her birthday. It is so hard to even get any words out.
A few random facts about this lovely young woman:
  • she referred to herself in third person consistently until she was 3 years old, saying things such as Kendra can't want ketchup
  • she can blow her nose like a sounding trumpet, causing the whole family to wince and often yell in unison, "Kendra!"
  • she has unique self-taught study habits - reading her entire biology chapter out loud in the middle of the night - she says it helps her commit it to memory
  • she loves Moulin Rouge and Phantom of the Opera - the movies and soundtracks, which she makes us listen to ad nauseum ....the Phantom of the Opera is there...inside my mind......
  • she is a bookworm - and from the time she was 11 until she discovered boys a few years later (or should I say one boy in particular) we forgot she had a lower half of her face, as all we could see were her eyes over the top of her book
  • when she eats ice cream, she still wears it on her upper lip like a mustache, and never knows that it's there until you point it out
  • when she was 2 and I was expecting her sister, her father who was supervising her in the building while I was having an OB appointment let her slip away from him and she rode down a glass elevator alone - waving and smiling at him as she went
  • she exited the womb speaking in complete sentences
  • I do not think she has ever slept one night of her life in a room alone
  • she loves most vegetables and was known when she was small to have a melt-down in the produce section at the grocery store - but she loathes broccoli
  • she bites her fingernails, and when she was younger, her toenails as well
  • she has one of the best senses of humor, and is even able to laugh at herself
I love you Kendra. I am so lucky to get to be your mom!
I will be updating this throughout the day as her dad and siblings share their random thoughts. If you know Kendra - please comment with your own random facts, and I will add them here to this post!


  1. Happy Birthday Kendra!!!!!!!

    You sound like an awesome and spectacular woman.

    Job well done Travis and Julie.

    Lot's of love -

  2. Yesterday was Steven's 11th birthday. Jarrod and Renae took him to the Skillet concert.

  3. I miss you guys terribly!!! I wish I could be there for Kendra's birthday to celebrate it with all of you! I can't wait to see y'all in May!

    Love you,

  4. The glass elevator thing is hilarious. I can picture a spunky little girl riding down it!

  5. Happy Birthday Kendra!!!

    I feel like I know you and looking forward to meeting you soon :)

  6. I am typing this in my highest squeakiest voice...


    And back to my regular voice ...
    You were sooo cute then, you are lovely and all grown up today. Have a beautiful year.

    Much love,


  7. Happy Birthday to my favorite scary movie buddy. I miss jumping into your lap screaming & spilling your popcorn. hahaha

  8. p.s. Warning: I met Gaston when I was 17, so keep your eyes WIDE open & for goodness sakes, BE CAREFUL! :)


  10. Kendra - You are the best parts of your mom and dad and we love you!


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