30 March 2007


I have totally lost my cotton-pickin' mind! I cannot believe I did this. For months, as I have seen it coming, I have tried to persuade myself that it was no.big.deal. Our tiny little town, the one that is just a blip on the radar, where if you blink you will miss it, that has only a hole in the wall BBQ joint and an Express Mart - yep that one, was getting a Dollar General! The shining yellow sign lights up the area around it like an airport. I told my kids, "Four days." We were not going to go and check it out until it had been four days. "Why?" they asked. Well of course I did NOT want to seem too eager. It opened yesterday and guess who was there today? You guessed it - Miss Inconspicuous. It wasn't so cool when I walked inside the front doors and screamed, "Oh my gosh!" at the top of my newfound southern lungs. Oh yeah, and as if that wasn't totally humiliating enough to do in front of the whole town, who were all there, I called a shopping cart a "buggy"! I think I am in one of those Stephen King movies where the small town slowly annihilates the newcomers. If my blogging drops off suddenly, you'll know what happened.


  1. ha!! I loved this post! Thank you for sharing about your trip to the Dollar General. They're invading everywhere. I live in a small town in southern Ohio and we have TWO of them. *sigh* Oh, I bet you'd love to visit here. EVERYONE calls the carts "buggies" here I think except for me. hehe. I bet you drink "pop" too instead of "soda." ;) That's what they call it here too.

  2. This is too funny. It was bound to happen. When we moved to WV from Idaho I couldn't understand a single soul except my dear husband and children. Everyone spoke so weird. Now I am sure I sound just like everyone around here. In Idaho "soda" was "pop" People would laugh at you if you called it "soda" (which I'm preparing my kids for our reunion this summer) and there are other things too. It just happens, it sneaks into your brain when your not looking. I'm still, however, a latte girl and not a sweet tea girl.

  3. Haha, this is funny ha-ha! Actually I prefer my Dollar Tree over here. We have two Dollar Stores and two Dollar Trees all within 5 miles (I think!) of each other. BTW, your new blog is just too kewl! Love it! Love it! I'm tempted to move too, lol, but ah...time...Miiko

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