20 March 2007

Teensie Weensie Prayer Request for Me

A few months ago I was having some dizzy spells. What really freaked me out is that they were happening the most severely when I was lying down. I would roll over IN BED and feel like my brain hadn't rolled with me. In the last couple of days it has been happening again. Yesterday I was dizzy all day long. I kept trying to work through it and get myself going - but never felt 100%. This morning, I woke up when my husband was puttering around the room for his work boots and tried to roll over and it was worse than ever. It made me cry. Then after calming down I tried to stand up to go to the bathroom, and immediately fell to the left. Thankfully I was right by the wall, and was able to steady myself, but it happened so fast, had that wall not been there I would've been on the ground. A little while ago I started to see what looked to be black bats flying up in the corner of my right field of vision. It wasn't like actual bats - but something from one of the kids fantasy movies that is a cloud of dust that assimilates itself into a solid object. Honestly it is all starting to freak me out a bit. The worst part is that our medical insurance does not start until April 1st (Lord willing). If you would like to pray for me, I sure would appreciate it. I am starting to feel an unhealthy dose of fear, I don't have a doctor here that I know, then there's the insurance thing, etc. etc. I am trying to take all of my thoughts captive, or they will surely run away with me!

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  1. Wow - sounds scary. Hang in there - April 1 is coming soon as I just know as soon as you have insurance you will feel just fine.
    I'll say a prayer for you!


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