31 March 2007

Calling All 80s Girls

I found this "Who Is Your 80s Heartthrob" on A Gracious Home. It was fun. I used to think John Stamos was awesome, but I never had a "crush" on him, as my girls would say. Interesting - very interesting. Okay now my 80s Girlfriends - make sure to tell me who yours is!
Your 80s Heartthrob Is

John Stamos
Who's Your 80's Heartthrob?
And just to make sure to disillusion you about this thing - I changed every one of my answers a couple of time except that I liked bad boys (which I did in the 80s - regretably) - and it gave me John Stamos everytime - evidently he is the resident 80s bad boy!


  1. Well i'm not sure if I should be embarassed or thrilled with my results. My 80's heart throb turned out to be Bill Gates! Seriously a strange answer.

  2. I went and did this quiz and I came up with John Stamos too. I was never that crazy about him. My heart throbs were Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Sheen & (embarassed to say now) Tom Cruise.

  3. LOL I got John Stamos too - I think it was that awesome hair he had :) But my biggest crush was on Kirk Cameron....I had all his posters on my bedroom walls ROFL.


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