26 March 2007

Frugal Friend

I made a friend on Homeschoolblogger about a year and a half ago. We keep up with each other's blogs, have had occasion to chat on instant messenger (I was in Texas for the first time since we decided to move - and she has no idea how much that chat did to keep my spirits up!), and have emailed each other on and off. Mostly on. She is a really neat lady. Although we both blog other places now, we have maintained our bloggy-friendship - and I treasure her - Leslie a/k/a Boltbabe (this name has something to do with being a hockey FANATIC!). She has several blogs - and I have each of them on my Google Reader so I can stay updated when she posts something. Today she had two great posts about frugality - the first one was Frugal Check Point where wrote about keeping a price book. I have heard of a price book before - but could never figure out exactly how to get one started. Later she posted more specifics of said "price book" here. I learned a lot - so if you are interested in making sure more of your money stays in your pocket, I would highly recommend being a regular at her homesteady-frugal living-simplicity blog, or you might want to check out her more eclectic blog. Either way you're sure to learn a bunch! Tell her jewlsntexas sent ya!

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  1. How did I miss this post???? Thank you so much for the kind words! One of these days, we are going to have the chance for our families to meet up! You know how I feel so I will spare any readers the wishy washy stuff.


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