19 March 2007

Scrap Happy - The Joy of Sisters

Woo hoo! I'm back! My hubby had to do some work on my computer so I could start digi-scrappin again - and today I made my first page in FOR-EVER. I thought you'd be so happy about it that I'd share it with you too.
For any of you fellow digital scrapbookers out there that might like this kit - I GOT IT FREE at one of my favorite scrapbooking sites - Shabby Princess. It's still available so go on and snag it! Shop around and buy some other stuff too - they have such gorgeous stuff there!


  1. Great job Julie! I don't know a thing about digital scrapbooking. I do have a huge stack of photos that need to be scrapbooked soon.

  2. Julie this looks great! Goofy Girl certainly gave you a wonderful lift. I have always wondered about digital scrapping. However do you get the handwriting on there?


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