25 March 2007

Texas Spring

I am totally loving the Texas Spring. Everywhere I look there are beautiful things blooming. This is a picture of Wisteria that I saw hanging over the fence at the Chinese restaurant where we ate yesterday. It is so gorgeous, and it seems to be growing everywhere that I look, in bushes, vines, and even large trees - everywhere except my yard. I intend fully to have some in my yard shortly! I have seen it in a lot of Victorian era art but never in person. I think it is just lovely.
Later I will post pictures of the azaleas and possibly bluebonnets. There also seem to be wildflowers growing everywhere! I know that with the heat of summer they will be shortlived, but for now I am really enjoying them.

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  1. Aren't they beautiful? I just love all the flowers and trees blooming! We also have some vibrant pink bushes/trees in our area and I am really wanting to find out what they are. They are not Azaleas and they are not Bouganvilla (sp?), but they are so beautiful!
    The wildflowers will stay a little while, longer here than other places in TX. Then they will get all ugly and weedy looking, but it is important to make sure they go all the way to seed before they are mowed down, otherwise you won't see as many next year.
    Kathy from HSB


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