27 March 2007

Formal Shopping

Today we are going shopping for formal dresses. My girls are pretty excited. I am too except for the fact that the place they want to go is in a mall that is almost 2 hours away! When some of our friends first started talking about hosting a "formal" Spring Fling for the homeschooled kids in our area (in WV) the hubby and I weren't sure what we thought of that. One of the reasons we homeschooled our kids was to keep them from some of the dating standards of the public schools, the social pressure of the boy/girl thing, etc. Not that in any way we thought they would not have an interest in the opposite sex but that it wouldn't be driven by peers or the social pressure to fit in. But of course, the idea of dressing up and having a fun evening with your best friends is always irresistible. As far as I can remember there was only one official couple at this formal dance. The rest of the kids kicked off their shoes and danced their socks off! There was a great meal, and very little of the drama I remember at my high school proms. It was a blast - so we are headed back for another "formal" this year! We can't wait. Now if only we could just get this dress shopping over with!
Oh yeah, and to appease my frugal friend , the dresses in the picture at the top (which mortifies my daughters now to look at because they had the "same color") were purchased after most of the local school formals, and therefore discounted. Kaitlyn's dress (L) cost $18 and Kendra's dress (R) cost $40. I don't remember who picked their dress first - but this year they have both decided that they will have different color dresses.


  1. how fun! well except for the actual shopping part. i am not a mall person. thankfully my girls won't be ready for malls for awhile, i have a few years to work myself up to it. for now i'll live vicariously through you. :o)

    you'll have to post pictures of their choices! (they're beautiful girls by the way)

  2. The dresses are gorgeous and what a deal! I can't wait to see what they pick out this time.

  3. yikes ... did i say i wanted to live vicariously through you?? (snicker)

    i think it's great you're not perfect. how else will your kids know everyone makes mistakes? and how else will they know to ask for forgiveness when they do?

  4. Did they talk you into the Galleria? Or to the one closer to me, can't remember the name of it, near the airport.

    You guys are going back up to WV for this shindig? How exciting!

    The pics from last year look great!

  5. Oh, drats. Forgot to sign the last comment. It's me, Kathy, from HSB. :-)


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