05 March 2007

Dinner after Dark - A Story About Daylight Savings Time

Kullen and I had an "ah ha" unschooling moment this afternoon. I called him inside because we were about to eat dinner. Several things were amiss - for one, Travis called to say he is going to start working 10 hour days beginning today. He wasn't here for dinner time, and it seemed so early. Kullen went to the sink to wash his hands and said, "Mom, how come we used to eat when it was pitch black outside, and now we don't?" No lengthy explanations - I just told him that it gets dark later than it used to, and that was called Daylight Savings Time. No need for a textbook, a diagram, or a clock. He made a keen observation, asked a question, and learned - without "school". Kids really are learning all the time.

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  1. just fyi for your aha learning moment:


    read thru that especially the part about spelling and grammar.

    learning all the time! :o)



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