28 March 2007

That HONK Was for Me

I am my beloved and he is mine. Amazing words, and although I have never applied them directly to my marriage, this morning I did. It takes so little for "my man" (to coin a Beth Moore - Texan-ism) to make me know he loves me. We are total opposites in this - Travis is not overtly affectionate, and I am like Dino running for Fred when he comes through the door after work! We have had to learn to live with these differences. Well, this morning he was running late for work, so I got to see him which is unusual - not him, the seeing him - although come to think of it he is unusual - but I digress. When he pulled around the house to drive off to work, he peeped his horn at me sitting in the window checking my email. Now that may not do anything for y'all, but I knew that honk blasting out for all the neighborhood to hear was for me! What a thrill. (That's about as publicly affectionate as the man gets - I'll take it!)

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  1. i am cracking up... first you leave me with the pmsing roseanne image and now dino is running throught my mind...

    what a great way to start your day!


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